How To Cut An Apple: Simple and Easy Steps

Learning how to cut an apple is an essential kitchen skill that’s super easy to master. As you’ll soon see, though, there are lots of different apple cutting methods to try out at home!

You can slice, dice, thinly slice (and thinly dice), halve, quarter, or chop your apples into a wonderful variety of apple shapes and sizes. But which methods are best for peeling? Which methods are best for coring? Which are best for bakers wanting to learn how to cut apples for apple pie?

In today’s article, we explore the best way to cut an apple, from knife slicing skills to a rapid three-in-one apple peeler corer slicer device. Keep reading to learn how to cut an apple!

How to Cut an Apple

Apple is an incredibly versatile fruit (and incredibly tasty too!), but while it’s easy enough to just pick one up and start munching away, learning how to slice an apple in different ways really opens up their full culinary potential!

There are many different reasons for cutting apples, so learning a few of these different methods really opens up a world of opportunity.

You might have young children and need to learn how to cut apple slices super thin for them, or you might be big into your baking and are cutting apples for apple pie! You can also chop apples up for a salad, for a cobbler, or for baking with sugar and cinnamon. 

One of the main reasons for slicing apples is to remove the core. This gets rid of the tough center and those pesky apple seeds. Before cutting, you can use a corer to remove the core, or you can slice it out with a knife later on. 

You can use a knife, an apple corer, a vegetable peeler, or a three-in-one apple peeler corer slicerto produce different results when cutting apples. Here are a few of the best tried-and-tested methods for slicing apples! 

Apple slices

Learning how to cut an apple with a knife is one of the most effective ways to create bite-sized slices of apple that are perfect for baking or cooking with. 

  1. First, remove the stem and core (using the knife or a corer).
  2. Then cut down from the top to the bottom of the apple to give you two halves.
  3. Next, use your sharp knife to cut each half from top to bottom, into slices.
  4. You can cut these slices as thin or as thick as you like.
  5. If you’re slicing apples for pie, then you can use thick slices for the filling and super thin slices as decoration on top!

Apple rings

Apple rings are perfect for baking (or for deep-fried apple donuts!).

  1. First, you need to remove the stem and core completely, without slicing the apple into pieces.
  2. Use a corer or a sharp knife for the best results.
  3. With the core removed, you can now slice your apple horizontally.
  4. Hold it firmly against a chopping board and start from top to bottom.
  5. Cut thinly or thickly, depending on how thick you need your apple rings to be. 

Diced apples

Diced apples, or small cubes of apple, are perfect for feeding to the kids or for garnishing salads with.

  1. First of all, remove the core from the apple.
  2. Next, cut the apple from top to bottom to halve it. 
  3. Then, slice your halves into thick slices.
  4. Take each slice and cut it into half again, before then dicing that half up into evenly sized cubes!

Peeled, cored, and sliced apples

If you’re baking your apples or learning how to slice an apple for pie, then you might want your apples to be peeled as well as sliced or diced.

  • The traditional way to do this is using a peeler, but rather than learning how to use an apple peeler, you can make things much more efficient using a three-in-one apple peeler, corer, and slicer. 
  • This handy kitchen device is easy to use: all you do is place your apple into the hold, then twist the handle to simultaneously peel, core, and slice the apple.
It’s perfect for bakers who are in a hurry and need to slice up a large batch of apples for their pies!

    6 Top Tips for Cutting Apples

    It’s easy to get started cutting apples, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the job a whole lot easier and faster!

    Here are our top apple cutting tips you can try out at home:

    1. Always use sharp implements to cut your apples; it makes your work much, much easier and produces much smoother slices. Always keep your knives, peelers, and corers sharpened!
    2. For safety, remember to cut the apple away from you to avoid accidentally cutting into yourself with the knife. Watch out for your fingers and take it slow.
    3. Make sure that you have a sturdy surface and a sturdy chopping board to cut the apples on. You don’t want to cut into your kitchen countertop, after all. 
    4. For the tastiest results when baking, make sure that you don’t forget to peel the apple before slicing it. The peel can be quite bitter in taste, so many people prefer to leave it out. Many recipes also specifically call for peeled apples.
    5. Likewise, don’t forget to core your apples before slicing. The core is not only tough, but also contains the apple seeds, which aren’t pleasant to eat.
    6. Make the work of peeling, coring, and slicing much easier by using a dedicated three-in-one apple peeler corer slicer (it’s so much more convenient!). It can take the job from many minutes to just a few seconds!

    Now You Know How to Cut an Apple

    Whether you’re baking an apple pie, preparing sugar-coated apple donuts, or looking to eat slices of apple throughout the day, now you know how to cut an apple!

    Why not bookmark our guide to apple cutting for when you next need to cut those apples into slices?