How To Core An Apple: Easy and Nicely

Learning how to core an apple is one of those essential culinary skills that’s actually deceptively difficult. Apple coring, or removing the core of an apple, is essential for many of the best baked apple recipes, but what’s the best way to get rid of all those pesky apple seeds and that tough apple center?

In this article, we look at the best way to core an apple, from using a traditional apple corer to making the most of modern multi-purpose kitchen devices that can core and peel simultaneously. 

Keep reading and find out how to core an apple!

Why Do I Need to Core an Apple? 

Learning how to core apples is necessary for countless different recipes, particularly if you’re into baking.

Removing the core from an apple removes the seeds that are found in the center, as well as the stalk on top and the tough inner segment of the apple that’s just not great to eat.

Once you’ve successfully removed the apple core, you’re left with the best, juiciest parts of the apple to work with. Apple coring skills come in handy when you’re looking to bake apple pies, apple cobblers, sugar-coated apples, or apple fritters (and many more apple-based desserts and snacks, too!).

But how do you core an apple, exactly? 

How to Core an Apple With an Apple Corer

The most common (and traditional) method of apple coring is by using an apple corer. This crafty utensil gets the job done quickly, as all you need to do is place your apple on the chopping board and press down so it cuts into the center of the apple. 

  • Keep pushing and twist the apple corer as you do so.
  • Give it a few twists, then pull the apple corer out.
  • Depending on your corer, the apple core will either come out by itself or you’ll need to pop it out with a knife. 

How to Core an Apple Without an Apple Corer

What should you do if you don’t have an apple corer at home? In this case, you need to learn how to core an apple without a corer. The easiest solution is learning how to core an apple with a knife. 

There are two ways to do it.

  • First of all, you can use the same method as we suggested with the corer.
  • Simply push down with the knife and cut around the core to remove it. This works well if you need your apple to keep its circular shape. 
  • If you have a vegetable peeler, you can use this instead of a knife (not to slice but to remove the core as per the apple corer method).
  • If you don’t mind having sliced apples, then use the knife to cut your apple into quarters.
  • From here, simply slice the core-off each quarter while leaving as much of the juicy apple intact as you can. 

What’s the Fastest Way to Core an Apple?

The fastest way to core an apple is to use a 3-in-1 apple corer, peeler, and slicer.

This great piece of kitchen equipment speeds the coring process up while also peeling the apple and being the best way to slice an apple (it can do all three functions simultaneously).

  • Simply set up the 3-in-1 apple corer, peeler, and slicer so that it’s firmly attached to the kitchen countertop.
  • Next, place your apple into the corer, then twist the handle, so the apple is peeled, sliced, and cored at the same time. 
  • Think of how much faster all of your recipes will go when prepping apples takes a few minutes instead of 10 or 15.
If you’ve been wondering how to peel and core an apple – and slice an apple – all at the same time, then this solution is the way to go!