The 10 best gift ideas for a baby shower that parents love

This list of must-have gifts helps parents welcome their new baby to the world with style, from the beautiful to the practical and everything in-between.

Finding the right gift for parents-to-be can be difficult, especially when many aren’t quite sure what they’ll need once the baby comes. Choose from this list of thoughtful gifts to find something to make those first few weeks and beyond a little sweeter, a little brighter, and a lot easier.

#1: Belly Casting Kit

Gift the soon-to-be mom a memento she’ll remember forever with this plaster belly casting kit. With 100% safe plaster cloths, multi-colored glitter, and butterflies, the whole family can have fun casting mom’s tummy to create a cherished keepsake of this milestone that can even be gifted down to the baby one day.

#2: Diapers and Baby Wipes

We know diapers and wipes aren’t the most glamorous gift you can give at a baby shower, but they’re a practical gift most parents are happy to receive. Diapers are a costly expense, and while the baby might end up with 20 newborn onesies and a mountain of toys, you can give a gift that you know will be needed and used.

#3: Zippered Sleepers

Onesies with snap buttons look sweet, but new parents with squirmy babies will be saying a big “thank you” to anyone who gifts them sleepers will zipper instead. Choose organic cotton for the ultimate nighttime comfort – though we’re not guaranteeing baby will sleep, it’s the best shot at success!

#4: A Range of Baby Clothing Sizes

Babies typically grow out of newborn clothing within the first few weeks, and those are also the outfits parents receive most. Rather than buying outfits in newborn sizes, buy a few pieces that will fit at different times throughout the baby’s first year of life – just make sure you do the math to determine the weather in each stage.

#5: Convertible Swaddles

Swaddles are one of the best multipurpose tools every parent needs, so find one that converts to a burp cloth, nursing cover, blanket, carriage cover, photo backdrop, and more! Find an attractive print that coordinates well as parents cart their swaddle around everywhere.

#6: DockATot

The DockATot is one of the best parenting inventions to come out of the last ten years, serving as a comfy sleep “raft” that cushions babies in on all sides. Whether parents are co-sleeping or lounging around during nap time, the DockATot helps parents feel secure that the baby won’t roll out while they rest.

#7: Touch & Feel Books

Rather than giving the parents to be a card of congratulations, gift a baby book instead. Parents and babies can enjoy some bonding time reading together before bed, and you can avoid sending the extra paper to the landfill after the party is over – win/win.

#8: Transition Cup

Instead of using sippy cups, which some health professionals claim may result in tooth decay or speech issues, a transition cup can help babies learn how to drink from a real cup without the inevitable mess during the “training phase.” Thanks to the special rim inside, this cup can be thrown around and spilt without a mess.

#9: Clip-Down Nursing Bra

If the baby’s mama plans to breastfeed, she’ll surely appreciate an underwire-free nursing bra that will serve her through cup-size changes and different nursing stages. Choose a breathable fabric and a supportive cut that suits breasts of all shapes and sizes.

#10: Diaper Cream Brush

This might seem like a crazy invention, but when new parents realize how much bum cream they’ll be slathering on their babies, they’ll be happy to have a silicone applicator to make the process a little easier. Plus, you’ll have less diaper cream to scrub out of your nails later. 

Choose one of the gifts from above and help the friends and family in your life get a fresh start on parenthood!