5 Ways to remember your pregnancy for a lifetime

When you’re expecting a baby, you think you’ll remember what it feels like forever. Then the baby comes along, and your life becomes a sleep-deprived blur. Try these five creative ways to keep your pregnancy memories alive for a lifetime.

#1: Record your baby’s heartbeat.

There are fewer things more joyful than hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Record this experience forever with a digital recording of your ultrasound session so you can share it with siblings, family, and even the baby one day. Use your smartphone or buy a stuffed animal with a heartbeat recording that can sit in your baby’s crib one day and treasure the recording forever.

#2: Make a permanent mold of your belly.

Try casting pregnant belly with plaster to remember the shape of your baby tummy for a lifetime. Though you can try a plain jane white plaster casting, try this kit with colorful glitter and butterflies to make an even bolder, beautiful statement.

#3: Create a time-lapse video.

You don’t need to be a professional video editor to try your hand at a time-lapse video of your pregnancy. Simply record yourself in the same position and background a few times per week and collate the clips together – you can even find apps to squeeze everything into a quick one-minute video. You’ll get to see every stage of pregnancy in the blink of an eye with a video you’ll keep long after your child has grown. Shoot your clips at the same time of day in the same natural or artificial lighting for the most seamless transition possible.

#4: Write your experiences down.

Journals serve as a great reminder of the past, allowing us to reflect and gain insights into where we’ve been before and the memories we’ve made. If you don’t already journal, pregnancy is the perfect time to start. When you look back on your pregnancy, you’ll remember the big moments, but many small ones slip away quickly. Your journal will help you record your day-to-day feelings and remember all the extra-special details.

Not big on creative writing and don’t know where to start? Find a pregnancy journal with prompts to help direct your writing.

#5: Paint your bump.

Taking an afternoon to paint your bump in the later stages of pregnancy can be a fun, sweet, and often hilarious undertaking to help you commemorate your baby body forever. Whether you paint your belly pink or blue and take a photo for a creative pregnancy announcement or have a laugh making a watermelon for the summer or pumpkin belly for Halloween or Thanksgiving, the possibilities are endless.

Though the paint will fade, a photo or video will help you remember your tummy painting adventure for a lifetime.

We hope one of these ideas inspires you to make memories that will last forever so you can share them with your children and even your grandchildren one day.