8 Cute Room Ideas: Teen Bedroom Decor on a Shoestring Budget

The transition from child to teenager brings about a lot of change as different needs surface. In this post, we're revealing our very best ideas for teen room updates and decor so their bedroom can grow with them – without breaking your budget!

When our kids are little, we design cute rooms for them, thinking about their likes and needs while keeping function as a priority.

But, as much as we try not to admit it sometimes, children are continually changing and growing, slowly inching their way toward adulthood - the girl room decor your daughter loved as an eight-year-old likely won't suit her well as she grows into a pre-teen and teenager.  

If your teen is begging for a grown-up room makeover, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a bedroom update. We have plenty of teen room ideas that are inexpensive to fit into even the smallest shoestring budgets!

When building a room design for teenagers, they're going to want to flex some independence and express their personality in each piece. 

Let your teen in on the decision-making, and work through this list of inexpensive room decor ideas together to come up with a room design plan that pleases you both!

1) Vary the Textures

The most luxurious looking bedrooms always have one common thread: the perfect blend of various textures. 

  • Upgrade your teen's room and create rich depth by mixing textures in every area. Try a chunky knit blanket, a soft, faux-fur pillow, or a macrame wall hanging that incorporates different weaving materials. 
  • Textured pieces aren't just for the soft surfaces of a bedroom. Consider texture when you're buying a glazed decoration, the finish of your furniture, and more.
  • Incorporating texture in small, inexpensive pieces will give the room a spark and add a cozy and inviting feel. 

2) Maximize Function 

While we're often using cute bedroom ideas to build a room that suits our style, maintaining and creating a functional space is of the utmost importance. 

You don't have to sacrifice your room's function for beauty. There are plenty of beautifully built furniture and pieces that can serve important purposes in any room of the house. 

  • Place an inexpensive, lidded ottoman or footstool at the end of the bed that can function as a seat with some extra storage space inside. 
  • Or place a blanket ladder in your teen's room to display a beautiful throw or two. It adds some extra color, texture, and dimension to the room while keeping their blankets handy to grab anytime. 

3) Switch Up Your Walls

Make a significant bedroom change by painting one or all of the walls in the bedroom.

  • Wall color is one of the most basic yet impactful elements in every room in our home. 
  • The color of a room determines the mood of the entire design, and the color of any space we sit in literally affects our moods too.
  • Pick light, neutral paint tones for a classic effect; cool tones, like blue and green, for a calming mood; and warm tones, like red or orange, to increase energy and intensity.
  • Consider painting just one wall in a bright color to create a focal point and natural flow for the room.

Take on the job yourself and enlist your teen's help for an excellent opportunity to save some money and build your teens' decoration skills at the same time. It only costs the price of a can of paint!

4) Create Under the Bed Storage

Most teens aren't living in the master bedroom, and they may not have much extra space as they grow older and, well, bigger. 

Under the bed storage is an inexpensive way to maximize storage in dead space areas that we can't use anyway.

Most people aren't looking under the bed, so you can easily get away with some clear, flat plastic totes designed just for this use. 

Use under bed storage containers to tuck away seasonal items and things you'll need a little less often - this will free up your bedroom's prime real estate space for the belongings you use daily.

5) Make Your Own Wall Hanging

Art, and other wall hangings, can be some of the most expensive decor pieces we own!

If your teen is artistic and wants to try their hand with some painting, they can create a new room for themselves with a very personal touch. 

You don't have to be a skilled artist to make your own wall decor. One of the best cute bedroom ideas that are very trendy right now is woven wall hangings:

  • Macrame, an ancient weaving technique, was a hit among hippies in the 1970s, and it's making a massive comeback right now. 
  • Weave a macrame wall hanging as simple or complex as you want.
  • There are countless styles and different materials available, from cotton twine and linen to jute, leather, or yarn you can use to build texture and add warmth to a stark wall.

You can find patterns online that are simple to follow!

6) Add Some Greenery

Another of our cute bedroom ideas can help your teen to take on a bit of new responsibility. We promise this room makeover isn't to teach your kid a lesson, but why not kill two birds with one stone?

  • Get a few plants to add some texture and life into the room – literally!
  • These natural air purifiers mentally ground us, improve our mood, and improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. Perfect for those long homework sessions!
  • Teens even learn a bit of responsibility to keep their plants alive. There are plenty of inexpensive, low-maintenance plants that are absolutely beautiful in any room. 

7) Getting Thrifty + Deep Discounts

For room elements that you can't DIY, head out to look in some thrift stores.

  • You can find decor of a surprisingly high quality there, and the pieces are usually a little more unique, as they're often styles not currently sold anywhere else. 
  • If you have something in particular that you're struggling to find at a thrift shop, head to a deeply discounted warehouse or homeware shop.
  • For an uber-chic Anthropologie vibe, head to their more reasonably-priced sister store, Urban Outfitters, for similar finds. IKEA, Walmart, and Target have some attractive options too.
  • You can also head online to shop. There are plenty of decor websites where you can order home decor from inexpensively – surf for cheap options on Wayfair, Amazon, and Etsy.

8) Rearrange the Layout

One way to make a quick room update at zero cost is to rearrange and repurpose the pieces you already own. 

Remove the kid stuff your teen no longer needs and move the furniture around to find the best arrangement to suit their needs. 

It's surprising how different a room can feel with nothing new in it, just with a change in the layout of the space.

Final Notes: Cute Room Decor Ideas

Updating your teen's room doesn't have to be expensive!

Work together to create an overall theme for the room. What mood do you want the room to have? What additions could make the space more useful? Answer these questions and find solutions together!

One more tip:This doesn't have to be an overnight process. Just make a few small bedroom changes here and there, as time and money allow. 

We hope your teen loves their new, improved, and no longer childlike bedroom!