6 Best Tasting Apples To Pick At The Orchard!

Ahh, apples. We love them. But with so many thousands of different varieties of apples growing in the orchards, it can be challenging to know which are the best-tasting apples!

Although apples as a type of fruit have a distinct ‘appley’ taste, there’s no denying that each variety is unique. Some apples are sweet, or tart, or somewhere in between. We have so many uses for apples, from applesauce and apple pies to apple juice and apple crisps - and each of these has its own unique taste, too, depending on the apples you use.

To help us all out, we put together this list of the six best-tasting apples out there. From the Honeycrisp to the Red Delicious, here are the best apples in the world! 

What do apples taste like? 

It’s difficult to pin down what the tastiest apple in the world is. That’s because tastes are so subjective, and apple varieties all have their own unique flavors and textures that contribute to the overall apple eating experience.

But there is a general apple-like flavor that we can describe—sort of. Apples are sweet (even tart apples have some level of sweetness) due to their sugar content, and they should have a soft yet crisp texture when you bite into them. And they should be deliciously juicy. 

Different apples have varying sweetness levels, and so generally, we describe apples as being either sweet or tart. If an apple is tart, it contains higher levels of acidity, resulting in more bitterness. 

The most popular apples are the  sweetest apples;  unless you’re cooking, then the best apple type will be a tarter apple. Apples also taste different with or without their peel (click here to find out more about apple peelers.) 

Like we said, it’s difficult describing the exact taste of the best apples to eat. You’ve just got to try them!

Apples that made the top 6

So, what are the best apples when it comes to taste? 

We know we’re going to cause an argument with this one - there are just so many apples to choose from! - but we’ve gone for six apples that are not only delicious but that are also easy to find in your local store.

Sure, some super rare or new apple varieties might well be more delicious than these, but how can we tell if we never have the chance to eat them?

  • Red Delicious 

  • Red Delicious is one of the most well-known apple varieties out there, and it’s bred many more unique (and delicious) varieties, too, over the years. As the name suggests, this is a red apple, and you can expect it to be sweet!

    The sweetness isn’t overpowering, though, and the crunchy texture and crisp finish wonderfully juxtapose it. Best eaten on its own accord as a snack so that you can savor the flavor. 

  • Pink Lady 

  • The Pink Lady, or Cripps Pink, is an Australian variety of apples grown initially from the Red Delicious. 

    The Pink Lady is known for its mellow taste. It’s not overly sweet, but neither is it overly tart. The flavor balance makes it a very all-rounded apple that’s crisp in taste and texture and perfect as a snack or in an apple pie.

  • Granny Smith

  • Granny smith apples are an icon of the kitchen. These large, green apples are synonymous with baking and cooking because they have all the qualities you need for a great dessert ingredient! 

    Granny Smith apples are tart and bitter, and while that’s not always great if you’re just snacking on them, their flavor really shines through when they are turned into an apple pie or mashed up into applesauce. 

  • Fuji 

  • If you love a sweet apple, then Fuji is the variety for you. This is one of the sweetest snacking apples in the orchard, and if you have a sweet tooth, it’s perfect. 

    Red in color and crunchy in texture, you can eat the Fuji on its own or use it for baking sweet treats and desserts. 

  • Gala 

  • The Gala is a modern apple that offers apple-eaters the best of both worlds. It’s both sweet and tart, and it was bred specifically for that unique balance. 

    If you can’t decide between the sweet or bitter flavors that usually overwhelm an apple variety, then the Gala is the choice for you. 

  • Honeycrisp 

  • Honeycrisp apples are wonderfully sweet but not overpoweringly so. This variety's honey-like sweetness is offset by a subtle layer of tartness that makes them deliciously addicting for the apple connoisseur!

    Enjoy Honeycrisp apples as a lovely snack, or take a bag into the kitchen for some serious baking! 

    Other unique apples

    There are plenty more apples out there to try, but what about some of the more unique tasting apple varieties? Here are two of the rarest apple varieties, which rumor has it, could be the most delicious.

  • Sekai Ichi Apples

  • Sekai Ichi apples are a unique variety of Japanese apples, and they have several claims to fame. First of all, this is one of the largest apples in the world. A Sekai Ichi can weigh just over 2 pounds!

    Secondly, they are one of the most expensive apples in the entire world - they cost around 20 USD per 2 pounds. 

    And, finally, they are absolutely delicious! Try one for yourself!

  • Black apples

  • Okay, we know this sounds like a take out of Snow White, but black apples are a far cry from your standard red, yellow, or green apples. These unique apples have dark peels, and they are exceptionally better in taste.

    That doesn’t sound great, but just wait until you let them ‘mature’ for a few weeks in the fridge. Their taste evolves, and then they become the centerpiece of the most delicious apple pie you’ve ever baked!

    What’s the healthiest apple? 

    The apple varieties in our top 6 list are also some of the healthiest apples you can try. In general, it’s best to try and stick to organically grown apples where possible. This means fewer pesticides or preservatives are used to grow them and get them to the store.

    Green apple varieties are also going to be marginally healthier than red apples. That’s because they contain less sugar, and arguably, more vitamins. 

    The most popular apple should also be the healthiest apple, but people often go for red over green because of the added sweetness!

    Best tasting apples: Our final say 

    Do you love the tart Granny Smith apples, or are you more of a fan of the Red Delicious? With so many apples to choose from, there’s an endless variety to try and taste. Go all out and search out a rare Black Apple!

    New apple varieties are constantly emerging too, and there’s no doubt that our apple taste buds could be very different in even a few years. If you love a good apple, then why not bookmark our list of the best-tasting apples!