Mocktail Recipes: The Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Do you crave refreshing cocktails but not the buzz-inducing euphoria from the alcohol? Why not tempt your tastebuds with recipes for the best mocktails? Loaded with cocktail flavor, these won't get you loaded.

A mocktail can provide you with as much flavor and fizz as a cocktail. The only thing missing is the alcohol. With so many ways to dress up combinations of fruit and sodas, these easy mocktails are fun to make but even more fun to enjoy!

From the Arnold Palmer to the Shirley Temple, mocktails can range from tropical tastemakers to midwinter warmers. A perfect solution for dinner parties with no designated driver, mocktails supply the exotic entertaining elixirs that everyone can enjoy! 

What is a mocktail?

The term "mocktail" basically means a non-alcoholic version of a cocktail. Don't be fooled by these "virgin cocktails." They're a perfect alternative to any booze-free bash. Mocktails are also a way of including all people for all occasions, with nobody left out.

This colorful lineup we've put together is refreshing, tasty and will satisfy even the savviest of cocktail connoisseurs. Mocktails are ideal for occasions that are mainly alcohol-free. 

Grab your sunblock and sandals; we're about to give you the best recipes that are alcohol-free that you can take along with you to the beach!

Easy non-alcoholic drink recipes

#1. Arnold Palmer Drink

Probably one of the most famous virgin drinks around. Created after the famous golfer Arnold Palmer, this drink is easy to make with only two ingredients and a garnish.


  • 1/4 c of lemonade
  • 1/2 c of iced tea
  • Garnish with a lemon slice


Pour the iced tea and lemonade into a tall glass filled with ice. Stir well, then garnish with a lemon slice. Serve and enjoy!

#2. Lime Rickey

What other way can you get a refreshingly cool drink without a ton of sweetness? The Lime Rickey is it! This lime-flavored soda mocktail recipe uses fresh lime juice, seltzer, and simple syrup. 


  • 8 oz of lime juice (6 to 7 limes if you go the fresh route)
  • 4 oz of simple syrup
  • 12 oz of seltzer water
  • Lime wedges as a garnish


Mix the lime juice and syrup in a pitcher. Fill up four glasses with ice. Pour your divided sweetened lime juice mixture into the four glasses equally. Top up each of the drinks with the seltzer. 

Finish your Lime Rickeys by stirring each glass with a long swizzle stick, then use a lime wedge to garnish. Serve and enjoy!

#3. Shirley Temple

This mocktail is so famous, nearly every bar and restaurant knows how to make it! Everyone will enjoy this semi-sweet mix of grenadine, ginger ale, and lemon-lime soda.


  • 1/4 oz. of grenadine
  • 3 oz. of lemon-lime soda
  • 3 oz. of ginger ale
  • Maraschino cherry as a garnish


In a Collins glass, pour the grenadine over ice cubes. Top up the glass with the lemon-lime soda and ginger ale in equal parts. Garnish with the Maraschino cherry, serve and enjoy!

#4. Virgin Mary

Imagine having a cocktail to start the day off? Probably not a good idea! But with the mocktail known as "Virgin Mary," you can enjoy it first thing in the morning. It has all of the nutrients and vitamins to kickstart your day. No need for vodka with this recipe!


  • 3 oz. of tomato juice
  • 1/2 oz. of lemon juice
  • One dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp of celery salt
  • Pepper (freshly ground works best)
  • Two dashes of hot sauce (Tabasco is a classic choice!)
  • 1 celery stalk to garnish
  • 1 pickle spear as additional garnish


In a highball glass filled with ice, add your liquids and mix well. Then add the Worchester sauce, salt, pepper, and finally, hot sauce to your taste. Use your celery stalk and pickle spear as garnishes, and enjoy!

#5. Sweet Sunrise

Yet another mocktail you can enjoy at breakfast (or any time during the day). Sweet Sunrise is also known as "The Virgin Sunrise." By leaving out the tequila, you'll have a delicious drink that has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness from its use of grenadine and orange juice.


  • 4 to 6 oz. of orange juice
  • 1/2 to 1 oz. of grenadine (add until desired taste)
  • Orange slice for a garnish


Pour your orange juice into a tall glass of ice until there is a little room near the top. Pour in the grenadine slowly over the juice. The grenadine will sink slowly to the bottom of the glass and rise again as you drink it. 

For the best Sweet Sunrise, use an ice ball maker to make a beautiful, clear, slow-melting ice cube. Don't forget to use your orange slice as a pretty garnish. Serve and enjoy!

Are there health benefits to non-alcoholic mocktails?

Cocktails are synonymous with the image of the health-conscious, active couples sipping sweet and exotic drinks on beaches. If this image screams "health," then imagine what a mocktail would represent? But do mocktails equal health. Let's look at some healthy reasons you should mock up your drinks:

Health. Having an occasional drink can be okay. Regularly drinking too much is not healthy. It can affect your liver, heart, kidneys, and overall immune system. By drinking a mocktail, you'll avoid this.

Fewer calories. Alcohol is calorie-dense. Add fruit and sodas, and not only do the calories go up, but so does the sugar intake. Mocktails can be altered to contain less sugar but still provide a ton of flavor.

Alcohol can affect sleep patterns. Even though alcohol may help you sleep, your liver will still be working throughout the night, processing the alcohol in your system. This action may interrupt your sleep or disrupt it altogether. 

It's hydrating. Non-alcoholic Mocktails that contain coconut water,kombucha, or mineral water keep your system hydrated while providing nutritional value. Alcohol has the opposite effect. 

It costs less. In most cocktails, alcohol is the most expensive ingredient. Therefore, it only makes sense that you can make most mocktails inexpensively. The removal of alcohol may affect the taste, but new flavors emerge that are just as satisfying.

No hangover. Nobody likes waking up the next day after a night of drinking. It can leave you with an unproductive day and affect your mood and physical wellbeing. A non-alcoholic mocktails party will not have the same effect as a cocktail party!

Everyone can enjoy a mocktail. There's no age limit to drinking mocktails. Even designated drivers can have mocktails. It's a universal solution to party-goers who don't want to get drunk.

What makes a good mocktail?

Now that we've established the health benefits, what are some of the key points to a good mocktail? Before we dive into the recipes, let's look at what makes your mocktail the hit of the party.

  • Most famous mocktail recipes use natural fruit, all-natural fruit juices, and low-calorie mixers. Cut down on the sugars by using natural fruit or fruit juices, and use tonic water or mineral water to offset the volume for an even lower calorie but delicious drink.
  • Increased fiber. By adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your mocktail, you will increase your daily amount of fiber. Fruit such as berries are high in antioxidants, and vegetables like celery provide that fiber and give your mocktail a savory flavor!
  • You can use fresh herbs and spices as garnishes to your mocktails. It will add extra goodness to your drink while also increasing the flavor and color. Drinks with a sprig of mint or a wedge of lime not only look fancy but also give a splash of flavor!
  • Let's talk about being fancy for a minute. Your mocktail may only be a collection of fruits and vegetables, but if you pour your drink into a fancy glass, it will give it a charm without any of the harm that may come from the alcohol.

Become a master mocktail-maker

If you are cutting down on alcohol or cutting it out altogether, these recipes will satisfy your desire to have a drink, but leave out the alcohol. 

You can adapt these mocktail recipes to your liking, and in no time, you'll be a mocktail master, impressing your friends at the next party! For your boozy friends, you can serve up some of these delicious fruity cocktails (with alcohol!)