Midori Cocktails: Make The Most Of This Green-Melon Liqueur!

Midori is aunique,vibrant, green liqueur that looks precisely like it could glow in the dark. There’s no wonder that Midori cocktails rarely feature on the bar menu!

But this fluorescent, melon-flavored drink has its fans, and there are several Midori drinks that somehow know how to make the most of this unusual Japanese beverage.

Mixing super sweet flavors with a radioactive look, here are the best Midori cocktails to try shaking at home. 

What is Midori? 

Unless you’re a serious drinks connoisseur (or an experienced bartender), we’ll forgive you for not knowing exactly what Midori is. Midori recipes are rare to find (and even rarer to find mixed well) because Midori liqueur is itself somewhat of an anomaly. 

Invented in Japan sometime in the 1960s, Midori sells itself as the ‘original melon liqueur’. It may be the original, but its flashy, vibrant green colors may well be the reason no one else has attempted to market too many more melon liqueurs!

Midori literally means ‘green’, in Japanese, and with this super-sickly-sweet liqueur, you really get a whole lot of green and not so much melon. 

Can you drink Midori liqueur straight? 

Midori is 20% alcohol, which isn’t too strong for an alcoholic spirit. However, it’s not recommended to drink this liqueur straight, purely because it’s so sweet!

Midori is predominantly used as a mixer like in our recipes below, but if you’ve never tasted it before, it might be a good idea to have a Midori on ice so you can get familiar with the flavor first. 

We recommend using an Ice ball maker for perfectly shaped and purified ice, but trust us, once you’ve sampled the taste of Midori, one Midori on the Rocks will probably be enough!

The best Midori cocktails 

Midori is a particularly sweet liqueur (it’s more sugar than it is melon), and so the best Midori cocktail recipes find a way to balance out this super-sweetness with a bitter or tart flavor. 

One of the best Midori cocktails, for example, is a simple Midori sour recipe. Whichever cocktail you do attempt, though, you’ll be able to enjoy the vibrant, neon green color that the Midori produces - it really is something else!

Let’s take a look at the best Midori cocktails in more detail.

Midori Sour

If you ever happen to come across Midori on the menu, then it’s more than likely being prepared under the guise of a Midori Sour, one of the most well-known Midori drinks! The idea behind this cocktail is to use bitter ingredients to balance out the sweetness. 

So what is Midori sour, and how do you make one? First up, you’ll need to mix Midori with lime juice (the sour element.) Serve over ice with a fresh garnish of lemon or lime (again, sour.) You can top this one off with club soda, tonic, or lemonade to finish. 

Tokyo Tea

Tokyo Tea is a famously potent cocktail because it takes inspiration from the infamous cocktail, the Long Island Iced Tea. This one takes a few different spirits, but don’t worry, you’ll still taste the Midori beneath the other ingredients, and you’ll definitely still see the bright, vibrant colors!

To prepare a Tokyo Tea, you’re going to need the following ingredients:

  • Midori
  • Vodka
  • Tequila
  • White rum
  • Gin
  • Cointreau
  • Lemon juice
  • Soda water

Mix everything together in a large glass or cocktail shaker, and then pour over crushed ice. Serve with a small wedge of lemon, lime, or slice of melon to finish. This one’s super strong, so take it slow and don’t overpour when you’re mixing a Tokyo Tea, or it could be your first and last drink of the evening! 

Japanese Slipper

The Japanese Slipper, much like the Tokyo Tea, is inspired by the Japanese origins of Midori. This was one of the originals, and it’s one of the few Midori cocktails that have withstood the test of time.

The Japanese Slipper is similar to the Midori Sour in that it uses bitter flavors to balance out the sweet. To prepare this cocktail, you’re going to need Midori, Cointreau, and lemon or lime juice. Mix the ingredients together, and add a small wedge of melon and lemon to garnish as you serve over the ice. 

Honeydew Collins

The Honeydew Collins is a fantastic take on the Collins family of cocktails that are popular throughout all the regions. This drink is a wonderful way to ease into mixing Midori drinks, as you can balance the sweetness with many other flavors and pour sparingly with the Midori!

To mix a Honeydew Collins, you’re going to need white rum, Midori, fresh honeydew juice, and lime juice. Mix all of the ingredients listed in a cocktail shaker, then serve over crushed ice. If it’s too strong, then top it off with a bit of club soda to dilute the strength of the flavors and enjoy this fruity and fresh cocktail!

Can you get drunk on Midori? 

Midori liqueur itself isn’t the strongest alcohol (at least compared to spirits like gin or vodka!), but a few shots (if you dare) will undoubtedly get you on your way to being drunk. 

When mixed in cocktails, Midori can be potent, however, as you will combine it with other spirits and liqueurs. If your body isn’t used to consuming much alcohol, make sure you keep your measures low when mixing cocktails - try not to overpour, particularly when making the potent Tokyo Tea cocktail! 

Does Midori expire? 

Like all liqueurs, Midori has an incredibly long shelf life when left unopened. It can last for years, even when stored at room temperature. Once opened, a bottle of Midori is still going to last a long time, too - and we’ll be honest, it might take you a while to get through a whole bottle of this unique liqueur!

Stored at room temperature, Midori will last at least two years after being opened. If you have space, we’d recommend storing Midori in the fridge for a cool cocktail, but we also understand that it may not be worth it if you only use this liqueur once or twice a year. 

Do you dare to try the infamous green liqueur?

Midori is certainly on the stranger end of the spectrum when it comes to fruity liqueurs, but if you enjoy the novelty and vibrance of a neon green drink, then this is definitely one to try! Enjoy this drink around the spookier holidays for an added flair to your party.

Midori cocktails will always be strong in both alcohol and flavor, so prepare yourself ahead of time for an authentic experience when you mix a few of these beverages at home. 

If you’re looking for a quirky liqueur to mix with, then why not try a few Midori cocktails?