Low Sugar Cocktails: How to Drink Without the Calories!

We all love a good cocktail, but it can be difficult to enjoy a drink when you know that it's packed out with calories. Luckily, though, we're here to show you the best low sugar cocktails that you can mix at home!

If you're watching your weight, then sure, you'll need to ditch the syrups, sugars, and cream, but you've still got some delectable low sugar cocktails to choose from. From low calorie White Wine Spritzers, to a simple Vodka Soda or Whiskey Ginger, sacrificing sugar doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing taste, or quality.

Keep reading, and discover our favorite low sugar cocktails. Here's how to drink without the calories!

How to make low sugar cocktails

We've listed a few of our favorite low sugar cocktails below, but to get us started, let's look at how you can make your drinks low sugar and low calories. 

While sweet cocktails are undeniably delicious, low calorie drinks offer a much 'healthier' way to drink - especially if you're having a big party and are planning on more than a few!

When you're making these, there are a few major points to consider. Importantly, remember that you'll never get rid of all the sugar. No alcoholic beverages are going to be classed as 'no sugar drinks,' just 'low sugar drinks.' Alcohol turns into sugar, and so it's impossible to get rid of all the sugar and all the calories. 

Keep these points in mind, when mixing drinks or choosing a tipple at the bar:

Choose low calorie alcohol

Different spirits have different sugar levels, and some offer lower calorie levels than others. Vodka, and other white spirits, tend to be the lowest calorie drinks. Make sure you're mixing with the lowest calorie spirits or alcoholic drinks, including the following:

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Whiskey
  • Prosecco
  • White rum
  • White wine

Avoid the sugar syrups 

The sugar syrups are the worst offenders when you're trying to prepare low calorie mixed drinks. Just avoid them, as they are packed out with sugars. If you do want to add a sweeter element to the drink, try using natural sugars, such as agave syrup or maple syrup. 

Also, avoid drinks that require sugar cubes to be muddled or mixed with the cocktail; these include many favorites, such as an Old Fashioned or a Tequila Sunrise, which are packed with sugar.

Skip the cream

Creamy cocktails are absolutely delicious, but there's also a reason why they are so filling and addictive - they are packed not just with cream, but with sugar too!

While we love a Mudslide or a Salted Caramel Martini for dessert, they just don't help you to cut down those calories.

Don't go for the fruit juice

Fruit juice is another calorific addition to cocktails, and unfortunately, they just have to go. The most sugary fruit juices are the processed juices you buy at the store; if you do want to add fruity elements to your cocktails, then use freshly squeezed juices, or stick to slices of fruit for garnish. 

The best cocktails are cool cocktails too. Try using a clear ice ball maker to make pure ice cubes, which won't melt as fast. This stops your cocktail from being diluted, which ensures that you can drink slower and potentially drink less!

Which cocktail has the least sugar? 

So which cocktail has the least sugar? That depends on how the cocktail has been prepared (Any added sugar? Have fresh ingredients been used, etc.?), but generally speaking, the classic Martini is always sold as one of the best low sugar cocktails. 

The Martini

In fact, the Martini is one of the drinks of choice for diabetics, as while it's not entirely sugar free, it's incredibly low in calories. 

To make a Martini, you only need two alcoholic ingredients: gin and vermouth. As the drink is 6 parts gin and only 1 part vermouth, there are so few calories in this classic cocktail! 

Low sugar cocktails

But as well as the Martini, there are plenty more cocktails you can mix up at home, and like the Martini, they arealmostsugar free. Let's take a look at these low calorie, sugar free cocktails!

White Wine Spritzer

The White Wine Spritzer is a simple yet elegant cocktail, and it's easy to prepare at home. You'll need to mix 3 parts white wine, with 1 part club soda. You can also use other low calorie mixers, such as sparkling water or sugar free tonic water. 

Garnish the White Wine Spritzer with a slice of lemon or lime, to add a little citrus to the cocktail. Instead of white wine, you can also prepare spritzers using low calorie Prosecco. Don't forget a cube of ice to cool this great drink down!

Vodka Soda

Vodka is the lowest calorie spirit that you can keep behind the bar, and a Vodka Soda is a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy a refreshing spirit and mixer without the calories.

A Vodka Soda is easy to prepare. Mix 5 parts vodka, with 1 part club soda. You'll need ice, and you can garnish with a slice of lemon or lime.

Skinny Mojito

The Skinny Mojito is one of our favorite summer cocktails. It's perfectly refreshing yet wonderfully low in sugar and low in calories.

There's no added sugar in a Skinny Mojito. You'll need to mix white rum with ice cubes and soda water before garnishing with a wedge of lime and plenty of fresh and muddled mint. 

Whiskey Ginger

The Whiskey Ginger is another refreshing favorite, and it's fantastically low in calories, with no added sugar. 

To prepare a Whiskey Ginger, mix whiskey with ginger ale. It's that easy. Add a few ice cubes, then garnish with a wedge of sliced lime. 

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary has long been a breakfast favorite, but did you know that it's surprisingly low in sugar? 

To make a Bloody Mary, you'll mix vodka (which is super low calorie) with tomato juice. With the tomato-vodka base, you then mix in your spices and seasonings. Traditionally, this means adding Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce, as well as salt and pepper, and celery. 

There are many more variations on the Bloody Mary, too, but try to keep things low calorie when mixing this cocktail. You can switch Vodka for Tequila (a Bloody Maria) or add extra chili powder for a much spicier kick to the cocktail! 

Let's get mixing low sugar cocktails!

From White Wine Spritzers to Skinny Mojitos, sugar free drinks are just as exciting as their calorific cousins! 

With these low calorie cocktails and sugar free alcohol mixers, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite drinks without the added guilt. 

Why not bookmark our guide to low sugar cocktails, so you can learn how to drink without the calories?