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Portable and beautiful

The gorgeous natural concrete finish makes the HomeBuddy fire pit a beautiful addition to your home decor, whether you want to use it as an outdoor fire or on a table inside. Perfectly sized, this fire pit will fit almost anywhere! Set the mood in your living room for a cozy winter’s eve with a special someone or enjoy a gorgeous summer evening with family or friends on your patio with this outdoor tabletop fireplace. The tabletop fire will gently light up any space giving it a warm atmosphere.


Long burning and smokeless

The HomeBuddy table top fire comes with an extra-large burning capsule which ensures a constant fire for up to 120 minutes at a time. The longer burning time means you can relax on the patio without worrying about the flame going out. Our tabletop fireplace uses bioethanol, a clean fuel that burns clean, smokeless, and odorless. This means you won’t have terrible smells clinging to your furniture or wafting through your backyard.


Heavy-duty, stable, and safe

Made with micro-cement, this tabletop fire feature is heavy enough to be stable on any flat surface and the fire pit has three legs to make it easier to lift safely and prevent heat from damaging your tabletops. Fireplaces like this stylish HomeBuddy mini tabletop fire pit are designed to be used on tables and are manufactured with safety in mind. Even with the heat put off by the flame, the tabletop fireplace won't get hot over time, making it safe for use on your house or on your patio.


Stylish extinguisher

When your evening comes to an end, you can safely put it out in seconds with the stylish fire extinguisher included in the set.


Multiple uses

With the HomeBuddy table fireplace, table decor is easy. This table top fire place is a stylish item that will immediately make your patio appear warm and inviting. Gather the family around and use it to roast marshmallows for s'mores or for other fondue foods. We've even included 50 free natural bamboo marshmallow/fondue sticks!

what's New

What's Included:


    The HomeBuddy fire pit table decor set is perfect as a gift or a gorgeous yet functional addition to your outdoor patio space. 

  • 1 x Tabletop fireplace

    Material: Micro cement

    Color: Cement

    Size: 4 x 6 in

    Item Weight: 1.87 lb

  • These accessories are included in the HomeBuddy tabletop firepit set:

    • 1 x Extra-large stainless steel biofuel burning capsule
    • 50 x Bamboo marshmallow/fondue sticks
    • 1 x Premium, black matte coated, fire extinguisher


    With these handy accessories, you can use your outdoor/indoor tabletop fireplace as a warm and inviting table decoration item while  roasting up some marshmallows or making a fondue. 

    The extra-large burning capsule will give you up to 120 minutes of burning time which is significantly more than the 40-60 minutes offered by other similar types of fire pits.

How the product works:

  • The HomeBuddy fire pit table decor set comes with everything you need to enjoy cozy evenings outside on the patio or in your favorite at home. This is how to use it:


    • Place the HomeBuddy fire pit on a flat, stable surface.
    • Insert the biofuel burning capsule with the required fuel into the fire pit.
    • Light the wick, and enjoy the cozy flames!

  • To use the fire pit as a fondue set:

    Use the marshmallow/fondue sticks to toast marshmallows over the flame. You can eat them warm and toasty just like that or turn them into s'mores. If you are feeling creative, use the fire pit for other fondue foods. Simply place the food item on a stick and toast it over the open fire.


    This fire pit is a fun way for family and friends to enjoy a cozy evening at home, relaxing, talking, (and eating!)

  • To extinguish the fire:

    When your evening ends and you're ready to pack up, the stylish extinguisher provides a safe and simple way to put the flame out quickly and easily. It is 12cm long, so you can safely snuff the fire out without getting burnt.

What's included


Is using a tabletop propane fire pit safe?

Yes, you can use a table top propane fire bowl or a biofuel-driven fire pit safely at home because there are no sparks, like with wood fires. If the fire pit was designed for that purpose, like the HomeBuddy tabletop fireplace, indoor use is possible. However, you will still be lighting a fire, so it's important to observe safety measures.

What is the best table top fire pit?

There are many different brands of fire pit table top decor and fondue sets available. The HomeBuddy fire pit is a high-quality option to consider because it has a longer than usual burning time. It also looks stylish and is compact enough to carry with you on your next adventure.

Do tabletop fireplaces give off heat?

Even though tabletop fire pits look small, they give off a surprising amount of heat. It won't give off as much heat as a wood fire, but it is still hot. The HomeBuddy table fire pit even produces enough heat to heat up a fondue!

Can you put a fire pit on a table?

Top fireplace decor items, like the table fire pit by HomeBuddy, can be used on any flat surface. However, if the fire pit is not made for that purpose, it's best not to put it anywhere but on the ground. 

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