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High-quality finish

The HomeBuddy hanging shelves are finished to perfection. Although the finish is smooth to the touch with no nasty rough edges that could scratch your wall, it is still textured enough so you will feel the natural bamboo wood. The design is a sophisticated way to embrace nature in the comfort of your home. Whether you want to bring more nature inside and display plants, or if you need shelving to show off your books or ornaments on your wall, this beautifully finished hang shelf is perfect.


2 in 1

Everyone has their own style in home decor, so we decided to design our hangable shelf set to give you two options. The shelf set comes assembled and ready to hang on your wall as two separate hanging shelves. But that's not your only option! If you prefer your hanging shelving to be one decor element with two shelves, you can easily adjust it with the user guide and additional ropes supplied with the set.


Easy to adjust

The adjustable HomeBuddy hanging shelf can easily be adjusted to suit your unique decor needs. If you have a tall plant or decor item and need your bottom shelf to hang a little further away from the top one, simply adjust it. All you need to do is move the shelf to the desired height and tie knots where you want to secure it against the wall.


Easy to install

With HomeBuddy, shelf hanging is super simple. You won't even have to Google how to hang wall shelves! Included in the set are crystal clear instructions and hooks, wall anchors, hanging rings, and all the accessories you need to install the hanging shelf set.


Bamboo wood

We use high-quality bamboo wood for our hanging shelves. Bamboo wood is the perfect choice for shelf material because it is strong but lightweight and has a lovely natural texture. After consulting with veteran interior designers, we decided to make the hanging shelves dark brown, which is a neutral color that suits most interiors.


Natural fiber rope

We use natural fiber ropes in the HomeBuddy hanging shelves kit. Just like we chose the color for the shelving, we decided on a neutral color and natural texture for the rope. The nature-inspired color palette is neutral enough to suit most interiors.

what's New

What's Included:


    The HomeBuddy hanging shelves set comes with everything you need to get it hanging on the wall in no time. Included are: 

  • 2 x Bamboo shelves with the rope attached

    The HomeBuddy shelf set is durable and beautiful and can be hung as two separate shelves or converted into a single hanging shelf.


    Material: Premium quality bamboo and natural fiber rope

    Color: Dark brown and natural fiber color

    Size: 16.9 x 5.9 x 0.47 in

    Item Weight: 1.87 lb

  • Accessories to hang the shelf set:

    • Extra rope to convert the unit into a single shelf with two levels
    • 2 x Hooks
    • 2 x Wall anchors
    • 2 x Hanging rings

How the product works:

  • The HomeBuddy hanging shelves are used indoors to decorate your home and as a storage unit for small items like plants, pictures, books, ornaments, and other decorative items. 

    With all the accessories included in the set, and the set already assembled, it is simple to install it in a few simple steps:

    • Depending on the type of wall you have, you could manually screw hooks into the wall. 
    • If your wall is too hard, use a drill to make holes, then put anchors in and screw the hooks in.
    • Hang the shelf set using the hanging rings, or remove it and use the rope directly.

    With these simple instructions and the accessories, you'll have your shelves hanging in no time!

  • Converting your HomeBuddy shelf set:

    If you prefer to have a single unit with two levels, use the extra rope to convert it by stacking the shelves on top of one another and tying the rope at the correct height.

  • Adjusting your HomeBuddy shelf set's height:

    Untie the knots, move the shelf up or down to the desired height. Then tie the knots again to secure the shelf. Ensure that the knots are at the same height, so your shelf doesn't hang skew on the wall!

What's included


Where do you place brackets on a shelf?

With the HomeBuddy hanging shelves, you don't need brackets! It is easy to install and hang without having the hassle of brackets. If you are installing a shelf that needs brackets, it's usually positioned against the wall at the bottom of the shelf. 

Can you use Command strips to hang a shelf unit?

When you install a floating shelf, you can use Command strips. However, with the HomeBuddy hanging shelves, you don't need any adhesive or brackets to get your unit up and ready to use. 

How do you hang a shelf on a wall?

How to hang shelves depends on the type of shelving you have decided to install. If you use the HomeBuddy shelving set, you simply hang your unit from the hooks you get into the wall with a set of simple instructions. If you are using conventional shelving, it's a little more tricky. It's always best to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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