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Make beautiful keepsakes easily

The HomeBuddy hand casting kit provides a super simple way to make a stunning hand sculpture. The molding kit contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Everyone can make a plaster hand casting with this kit! We also include an extra testing kit, so you can try out the process and create an additional keepsake. Quickly create a small hand or paw print as a test run.


Everything you need in a hand mold kit

With the HomeBuddy hand casting kit, we include everything you need to create your diy hand molds, including the powders, buckets for mixing, and even a mixing stick to make it easier. Once you've cast your plaster hands, you may want to add some detail or give it a more polished look. We've included detailing sticks and sandpaper so you can make these final touches on your hand statue.


Stylish hand mold display stand

We also include a stylish stand for you to display your hand mold once you've completed it. The stand has an elegant design and is the perfect accessory to help you find a suitable space to display your keepsake at home.


High-quality materials

The HomeBuddy hand sculpture kit’s materials were carefully selected for their quality and safety. We use alginate as our molding powder. Made from seaweed, the alginate is non-toxic and safe for your skin. Our plaster powder is also high-quality and chip and chalk-resistant.


A unique gift

The experience of creating something you can keep forever is fun and unforgettable. This hand-holding casting kit is a sweet and sentimental gift for anyone you care about. If you're looking for the perfect gift for an engagement, baby shower, wedding, or anniversary, look no further! Add a little romance to your life and home with HomeBuddy casting kits. This set is the perfect couples hand casting kit. Even the rings will be perfectly displayed in this high-quality plaster hand mold. (If you are expecting a little bundle of joy soon, you may also want to check out our belly casting kit.)

what's New

What's Included:


    The HomeBuddy hand casting kit comes complete with everything you need to have a fun day making clay hand molds. And if you are buying the hand molding kit as a gift, you'll be happy to know that it comes packaged in a top-quality, beautiful colored box - the perfect gift!

  • The hand casting kit contains:

    • 1 x 1.17 lb bag of alginate powder
    • 1 x 2.2 lb bag of plaster powder
    • 1 x mixing stick
    • 2 x demolding bamboo sticks
    • 1 x piece of sandpaper
    • 1 x 3L bucket with a lid
    • 1 x 3L bucket without a lid
    • 1 x booklet with clear step-by-step instructions

    The second 3 L bucket is a handy extra not usually offered in hand casting kits. It was added to this kit because we know it can be hard to find large buckets, and we didn’t want you to be forced to use your favorite salad bowl!

  • For the additional test casting hand kit:

    • 1 x 0.22 lb bag of alginate powder 
    • 1 x 0.4 lb bag of plaster powder 
    • 1 x round tray, 6.2 inches diameter and 1.5 inches high
    • 1 x 3cm straw

  • To display your hand plaster molds:

    • 1 x wooden base, 5.9 x 4.7 inches
    • 2 x pieces of ribbon, 19.5 inches long x 0.4 inches wide

How the product works:

  • The HomeBuddy hand casting kit is a high-quality molding kit with plenty of extras that will help you create beautiful keepsakes to last a lifetime. You can use the casting hand kit to mold hands of all shapes and sizes. Here are some examples of how our kit has been used:

    • As a couple casting kit
    • As a hand hold casting kit for the family
    • To create a pet paw print keepsake
    • To immortalize a special memory (Try making hand molds of your hand holding the keys to a new house, or couple hands on the day they get engaged or married)

  • This is how to use the HomeBuddy hand casting kit:

    • Begin by filling one of the buckets with room temperature water and pouring the entire bag of molding powder in your hand casting kit into the bucket little by little.
    • Mix it vigorously for around a minute and tap the bucket to release air bubbles.
    • Place your hand into the bucket. Touch the bottom, lift slightly, and move your hand into the desired position. Make sure you're not touching the bucket's sides.
    • Hold the position as the mixture begins to harden. You'll notice the color fading into a lighter tone as it sets. This process should only take around 3 to 5 minutes.
    • To check if it's hardened, tap the surface. If it feels solid, gently wiggle your hand out of the mold.
    • Add water to the other bucket and pour the entire bag of casting powder in your hand casting kit into it little by little as you stir it. 
    • Continue stirring until it has a smooth and paint-like consistency.
    • Pour the mixture into the mold until it's filled halfway. Tilt and rotate the bucket at a 45-degree angle to make sure the mixture spreads around and prevents air bubbles from being trapped around the fingertips. 
    • Fill the mold up with the remaining mixture and tap the sides to release air bubbles.
    • Check your molding kit after 3 to 5 hours and if it feels solid, turn the bucket upside down.
    • Carefully peel the mold away from the casting, and leave it to dry for 24 hours.
    • Use the demolding stick to remove any bubbles. 
    • Place your cast on the wooden stand included in your hand casting kit to display it in your home.

  • These optional tools are not required but will make your hand casting kit experience easier:

    • Use an electric whisk if you prefer it over the bamboo stick included in your molding kit.
    • Coat your hand with baby oil before dipping it into the molding mixture in your hand casting kit. It will make it easier to remove your hands later. 
    • A measuring jar to measure the water as per the instructions in your hand casting kit.

What's included


What do you need for a hand cast?

The HomeBuddy hand casting kit is all you need to make beautiful and sentimental sculptures. It contains alginate powder, casting plaster, a round tray, 2 mixing buckets, and a mixing stick. The kit also contains detailing sticks and sandpaper for you to add some finishing touches.

How long does a hand casting kit take?

It will take a few minutes for the mold to set around your hands.

The casting itself will take about 24 hours to harden completely after it has been poured into the mold. 

How do you make hand casts at home?

There are many references online on how to make hand casts at home, from wax hand molding to using hands molding clay. But why reinvent the wheel? It is easiest to get a casting hand kit from a reputable brand like HomeBuddy. 

Although you can do hand molding at home without a casting hand kit, using a HomeBuddy kit is better. It contains everything you need, including detailed step-by-step instructions.

How do you do a couple hand casting?

Doing a couple hand casting is almost the same as doing any other hand casting. The only difference is that the couple holds their hands together and makes a mold of both hands instead of just one.

Customer Reviews

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Shiloh Brashers
Hate it!!!!!

The mlodind dried before I could even finish mixing it. It was supposed to be a father's day gift for my dad. Now it's just a bucket of mess. Thanks alot!


Whole process is a little messy, but still very fun! Me and my friend created a sculpture of us holding hands and it looks awesome.

Great product

Very easy to use, clear instructions and results are great.